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Are You Downsizing?

We handle downsize moves in Boise, Meridian & Nampa, ID

Are you and your spouse recent empty nesters who need a smaller home? Are you retiring soon and moving to a more affordable residence? Residents in Boise, Meridian & Nampa, ID turn to Whitewater Moving when they need assistance with their downsize moves. In addition to typical moving services, our senior downsizing services include helping clients get rid of items they no longer need.

Downsize moves aren't easy, which is why you need the help of professional movers. Call now to schedule senior downsizing services.

Give back to the community when you move

When you hire us for senior downsizing services, we'll help you donate unwanted items to other members of the community. For no additional charge, we'll take your items to various charities in the area. We love being part of a team that gives back to the Boise, Meridian & Nampa, ID community.

You can feel good knowing that your unwanted belongings are going to someone in need. Contact us today to get more information.